What kind of a job do you have?  Do you work in an office?  Or, do you work on a construction site?

Wherever you work, if someone was displaying his or her religious beliefs would you think it was wrong?

I don't mean preaching to you about his or her choice of religion. I mean material things, like pictures or plaques.

Karen Gallagher, Townsquare Media


Sayings or wearing certain clothing.  Would that bother you?

Would you feel uncomfortable because it's not your religion? Or would you feel it was an attempt to somehow pushing their views on you?

I've always thought to each his own.

Believe in what makes you happy and a whole person.

We are so busy taking the words "In God We Trust" out of our schools and government, what about our daily work environment?

I hope that we can all display what we want and believe in what or whom we want.

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