I ran across this on Facebook (where I live most of my life) and I think that this is a great idea.

At the November 4th Montana State Bobcats football game, some of you will have a chance to remember those who have passed away over the last year. They are inviting alumni, fans, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have lost a loved one between October 19, 2022 and October 25, 2023.

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I think that we all wish those that we have lost could be remembered by folks, and this is a fabulous way to do that. I imagine this will be very popular. I think most of us visit grave sights where our loved ones are several times each year. I know that I do.

Everybody is always great when you lose someone. But eventually, for them, it goes away. For you, it's something that's always going to be on your mind.

I also love how sporting events have become so much more personable these days. It used to be that you were there to watch your kid play or because you were a fan of that sport. Now there are all kinds of events tied to games. You've got Senior Night, Parent's Night, and so on. And all of these things really make it more inclusive for the person who's not a die-hard fan of the sport.

To submit your information and photographs go to https://www.montana.edu/memorial. Entries can be submitted until October 25th.

Then the game with Northern Arizona starts at one.

Lewis & Clark Cavern Montana State Park

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