Let's run the government like a business. Today, there was another hit piece on Tim Sheehy, who is currently leading in the polls against three-termer Jon Tester.

Sheehy's business is losing money and struggling. All farmers and ranchers, along with many others, are too. So, why don't you cut our taxes instead of forcing us to pay for a federal government that should have filed for bankruptcy years ago?

Everyone in Congress and the White House should be out of work; we're broke. Tester and others keep growing the government. Businesses that are broke can not hire. The government added another 71,000 jobs last month. How? They are broke. Easy: your money.

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On January 20, 1981, newly elected President Ronald Reagan ordered an immediate freeze on all government hiring across the board. He said the budget was out of control, with deficits starting at $74 billion when he took office and increasing to $152 billion when he left. He said we had to control the growth and size of government and stop the drain on the economy.

It's happening far worse now. When the government grows, the economy suffers. Jon Tester has never been able to control the size of anything and votes for every government increase in spending there is. It's time to fire all of these people who run the business of government.

I wonder if the Gazette or KTVQ will ever do a hit piece on Tester and how he has broken the nation and is passing the bills that kill all of our budgets. Fire him.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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