I think that we can all say that we've never seen a week quite like this one. I miss socializing in bars and restaurants. You eat and drink at the same places, and you get to know the employees. So, shout outs to Tina at The Back 9, Windy at Famous Dave's, Leslie, Maria, and the gang at The Stadium Club and Mandy at Jake's West. See you soon.

  • If you are hoarding toilet paper, Paul hopes you get diarrhea.
  • We did some picking and grinning. I quoted Sara Evans. And we had a long time listener who turned us off. She disagreed with something Paul said.
  • We learned that a man who isn't elected has the power to shut down our restaurants, bars, and casinos. He is our county medical officer.
  • After our president moved our tax deadline back to July 15th, people in Montana are wondering when they are going to move the property tax deadline back to after the end of May. The government shut down their businesses. They should get extensions.
  • Going back to last Friday when we lost Kenny Rogers, one of the greatest entertainers of our era, Vince Gill's version of "Sweet Music Man" from the opry stage was amazing.
  • There's been a tribute concert announced that will air in April.
  • I'm going to tell Alexa, "Hey Alexa. Play All My Life by Kenny Rogers."

While we are sheltering in place, savor the extra time with your children, if you have any. Support local restaurants because they really need you right now. Quit buying all of the toilet paper, for crying out loud.

Thanks for listening. See you Monday morning at 5.


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