Today is a big day out at the ranch. It's shipping day. We'll be loading the calves up and sending them to market. It signifies a year's worth of work that has been a huge challenge this year, to say the least. Farmers and ranchers are some of the most optimistic people that I know always ready to buckle up and try again despite what's thrown at them.

Credit: Paul Mushaben
Mushaben Ranch

For me, next up is the cows as many will also have to go because of the year that mother nature gave us. This is really my favorite time of the year through all of the pressure work and timing work is just about completed. Ranchers can take a little breath, regroup and get many of the things that they wanted to do completed. It will be time for the fun work stuff.

Credit: Paul Mushaben
Mushaben Ranch

I know for people that read this don't understand how fencing in the hills can be considered fun. You can't explain it but it is. Cleaning things up making your place shine and getting ready for another year that holds promise, it's just what the doctor ordered

Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

I always think on this day what I felt like when I dropped my kids off for their first day of college and I had to say goodbye. I'm sure if cows could talk they would tell you the same thing. They are so smart they know what's going on but they realize it's time to get ready for the arrival of the next baby in the spring. By the way, I have a vaccine mandate for my cows or they have to go. See I can be a Democrat sometimes. LOL.

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Remember, next week is Dog House Parade Week.  I am looking forward to raising money for the animal shelter.

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