My regular Friday collection of experiences from the previous week includes a recipe for Dill Pickle Bread, saving $176.00 on groceries through the Albertsons App, and having our dinner paid for by some folks while we were at Ra Ra's pizza Thursday for "Daddy/Daughter" night. Thank you!

  • I haven't tried having my groceries brought out to my car yet because that's just being lazy. But if I started doing that I would probably save thousands of dollars every year in impulse buys.
  • "Meant To Be" by Bebe Rexa & Florida Georgia Line was the biggest selling song of the 2010s.
  • I only got two types of presents for Christmas: golf balls and bullets. Excellent work everyone!
  • And here's my new favorite saying: "Stereotyping is unfair. But it's faster."

Thanks for listening. See you Monday morning at 5.

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