I was staring out the window the other day thinking about all the things that I've had stolen from me throughout my lifetime. I was wondering if any of those thieves ever got around to feeling bad.

I'm sure that most won't ever get to that point. I know that I finally have some regret over the carrots that I stole from my neighbor's gardens in Riverview when I was in grade school. We called it "raiding gardens'. A small price to pay for living on our street is how we felt about it.

Whoever cut my chain and stole my ten-speed at the fair in Great Falls in 1977, do you still ride it? Or maybe you were able to sell it. I sure hope you got a lot for it.

I've had a lot of items stolen from my vehicles. I've lost driving lights, radar detectors and even interrupted some guy who had my hood up on my car trying to steal my musical horn that played selections from Smokey & The Bandit and The Dukes Of Hazzard.

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I had a roommate leave me with a five hundred dollar phone bill and take some car stereo equipment.

Then to think about how much stuff may have been stolen. Or, in the very likely scenario, I just put it somewhere and can't remember where. This is very common for me these days. I recently lost a set of glasses for three months. One day, after ordering new ones, I found the old ones in a crockpot. Yes, really.

So, if you've got some of my stuff, enjoy it. I have already replaced it with something bigger, better, and faster.

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