Welcome to the first official day of summer. It brings back memories of paying 25 cents to get into the Riverview pool in the neighborhood where I grew up in Great Falls. You'd swim until you were shivering cold, then lay out on the concrete until you got so hot that you couldn't stand it then you'd hop back in the pool. No waterslides in those days or wave makers, just water in a rectangle.

We didn't know about sunscreen then. In fact, not only did we not use any form of skin protection, we enhanced the sun's rays by coating our bodies with Coppertone Oil. That's right, let's tan you all the way to the bone!

Nowadays, for me, when I'm out golfing, I start with some SPF 50 sunscreen (or as my daughter called it when she was 3, sun-SCREAM!). That's on top of riding in a covered cart. Since I play a lot of my golf shots from the shade, the only way that you can tell that I've been outside is by the tan lines on my ankles.

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I only got sunburned in Mexico once. Like just about everything else, that was worse because I was older. I'm sure that the pain was the same, but I just seemed more miserable. So, if you go to Mexico with us, you'll notice that I only hang out in shaded areas.

Now my summers are spent sharpening lawn mower blades, spraying weeds, and weed-eating.

We were out yesterday because I had to get my knee looked at. The hope is to be golfing again soon.

I'll be easy to recognize. I'm the guy who smells like sunscreen and is hitting his fourth shot from a shaded area.

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