Paul and I have been working together on the air here for nearly 30 years. Whenever I'm asked to explain our show to somebody who doesn't live here, I always reply with "Well, it's sort of hard to define".

Let's use today as an example. First of all, we start on the air at 5 a.m., whereas most other shows wait til 6 or a little after to get things rolling. And I never really know exactly what we're going to talk about. This morning at 5:20 we got on the topic of bentonite. Paul needed some to put in a stock tank that's leaking. Within 60 seconds of shutting off the mics, we got 3 calls and a couple of Facebook messages letting us know where that was available. Amazing.

Then we got to discussing the 2017 "Flakes Trip" which hasn't been announced yet. And 20 people are already signed up to go with us!

Thanks for listening for nearly 30 years to Billings number one morning show.

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