Not a good idea.

I know for a lot of you he's your hero, but Sean Hannity is dead wrong when it comes to making election day a holiday. That's what every Liberal Democrat in the country would love. Conservatives bleed red, white, and blue. Look at Iowa, they stood in line for hours in a blizzard to vote.

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Conservatives voted on a regular workday no matter how long it took. Who would a day off benefit? Government workers, union workers, state employees, teachers, etc. Plus, every student at colleges around America between 18-25 would get the day off. Democrats would love that idea because it would help their core immensely.

Here's a "different" idea.

Why don't we just have election day on Saturday? Most people are already off. Think of all the people who could work the polling places. You could have ten times the number of places to vote, then it could all be done in person with paper ballots. You would have poll watchers available like never before if elections were on a Saturday. Absentee ballots could be for disabled, military, or seniors only.

A Saturday election with paper ballots would eliminate a lot of the fraud and restore integrity. No day off on election day, it's your duty to vote and no perks should be included or you voting for the wrong reason.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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