A music critic took a shot at Luke Bryan for his performance in Minneapolis this last weekend. He implied that Luke was "just phoning it in". He said that Luke didn't put forth the effort like he did years ago.

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Well, first off, I haven't heard from a music critic in a dozen years. Locally, we don't even get an article in the newspaper when concerts come to town. And it's kind of taboo to take shots at the bigger acts, like Luke Bryan.

But these days, the artists can respond via "X," formerly known as Twitter.

Luke said "I have never phoned in anything in my life.......Over it.....turn around and watch the crowd. Check Pollstar numbers if you think I'm in decline. Saving country dude."

I know that Luke isn't getting any less airplay on our station. His brand of pop/bro country has been what's been selling for a very long time.

Some others took shots at Garth Brooks. He was part of the Keith Whitley tribute at the Grand Ole Opry last Saturday. Since he was the biggest star there, he got to close out the show. He did several of Keith's songs but then closed out the show with several GARTH songs. And it ruffled some feathers with some purists...

And I see both sides. One, if a tribute to somebody, then you should sing their songs. But when you're Garth Brooks and you decide that "Friends In Low Places" might close out the show, I understand that too.

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