My co-worker Rick thinks I've become one of "those people"... the kind who go to thrift stores and garage sales and buy knick-knacks and become hoarders. Oh contrare... I do go to thrift stores like Montana Rescue Mission, Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul (garage sales not so much) and buy stuff BUT only those items which I think will make me a decent profit. This week I'm on a real roll... I've found vintage brass tables, which to my surprise are awfully expensive, a pole lamp (like my grandparents had) from the 1950's and a mid century modern brass and wood lamp with a cool oval lampshade.

The brass tables (pictured above) cost $46.75, the pole lamp (in the background above) was $15 and the table lamp (pictured below) was $22.50 for a grand total of $82.25. All of the items in the pic above were purchased at a Billings thrift store except for the sofa on the right. I expect to get about $150 for the brass tables, $100 for the pole lamp and $125 for the table lamp. That may seem like a pipe dream but they are about half of what others are charging on eBay and other websites. If I'm right I'll bring in $375 for a profit of $292.75. If I spent the time I do this playing golf instead I'd be out about $100 in the same period of time. That's a $400 swing. Am I sick or a smart businessman who's turned his hobby into profit? You be the judge.


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