Today is officially the first day of Fall, but do you know what is happening on September 25th? Well, grab your fishing gear because it's National Hunting and Fishing Day. That's a holiday now that people should get off not Labor day. Labor on Labor day and fish on National Hunting and Fishing Day.

In the most recent rankings, Alaska has been Deemed the top state for fishing, obviously as king salmon runs supreme but fishing there is a cultural staple and the state has over 600 different species of fish. Michigan is number two. Its surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes and has the longest freshwater coastline in the world.  The State also has 65000 lakes so I get that one.

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The next two I don't get, Maine and Rhode Island. We have lakes in Montana that are almost as big as Rhode Island. Maine has thousands of miles of coastline plus thousands of lakes, but you always think lobster and not fish in Maine.

Florida wraps up the top five for obvious reasons because of saltwater fishing which is a 4 billion dollar a year business there. In fact, Florida is the leading seller of powerboats in the nation, but they are short on bait shops for some reason.

I always thought Montana was one of the best in the country but apparently didn't make the list even though we have some of the best fly fishing around. So there you go. By the way, Arizona and Nevada were the two worst states for fishing. For those of you north of town call and we'll fill you in on why.

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