Happy Friday! Hope you're enjoying your snow.

  • Thanks to all who reached out last week when I was slightly under the weather.
  • We went an entire week without finding another cartoon character offensive.
  • I learned something new this week. If you hold the right two buttons on your iPhone 11, you get to talk to a very nice 911 operator. PLUS it calls all of your emergency contacts. So, that was fun.
  • Travis Tritt tickets went on sale. His show here is July 31st. Then you could catch him again when he plays the fair in Great Falls a couple of days later. They also have Big & Rich doing a show.
  • And Frontier Days in Cheyenne has Maren Morris, Blake Shelton, and Garth Brooks.
  • It looks like concerts without restrictions are finally coming back.
  • And if you heard us this morning, then you know that we got a new operating computer for broadcasting. You also heard lots of mistakes. But this old dog is going to learn a new trick or two.
  • Looking forward to some golf weather heading our way. I've decided to go on a golfing tour this summer. And just like the music acts, I've got a name for it. Dierks Bentley did his "What The Hell" tour a couple of years ago. But since my tour is a golf tour, I'm calling it "Did you Guys See A Green Callaway Supersoft With A Red Line On It" Tour. Not very catchy, but those are words that I say a lot on the course.

Coming to a golf course near you very soon.

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