So, remember a couple of months ago when I told you I was having trouble falling asleep? Well, I have found something that helps.

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My daughter steered me towards some all-natural thing that I found at Costco. It works pretty well but I have been having the craziest of dreams. I know it's the thing I'm taking because it doesn't happen if I don't take it.

I got away from the Tylenol Pm and the Advil Pm because I didn't need the Tylenol or Advil part. Plus, I think that stuff was starting to hurt my stomach. Either way, fresh air and a hard-working day weren't enough to get me asleep.

Someone suggested naming all of your old classmates in alphabetical order. I have to tell you, I never heard of that one. Plus, if your mind is racing when you go to bed it makes it even harder. I've been doing better with that too trying not to watch any of the news programs before bed.

I do still pray for things though but once I lay my head down, then I find myself getting all wound up again. I guess I could eliminate that too from my nighttime routine. I'd much rather have the crazy democrats running this country mad at me than the person who is hearing all of my prayers and complaints.

A full belly of brisket from Famous Dave's might help me too so I'll see ya tonight for a trip stop by from 5-7. A free trip will relax you for sure...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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