Flakesgiving begins this Friday! Mark and Paul will be out at MetraPark preparing Thanksgiving meals for the needy, which will be given away on Saturday. Just because Flakesgiving is already here doesn’t mean you can’t help make a difference in somebody’s holiday meal. We’ve got five different ways you can give back to the Billings community and help with this year’s Flakesgiving.

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    Cash donations are essential for making Flakesgiving happen. Every year, our loyal listeners and local businesses step up and make a donation to help support the cause. Meals cost about $22 a piece, with Albertson's selling us the food at cost. It’s not too late to donate, just fill out the form here to pledge your donation online. Donations can be sent to: Cat Country Flakesgiving, PO Box 1276, Billings, MT 59103. Please make checks payable to “The Flakesgiving Fund”. All donations are tax deductible. A small contribution can make a huge difference in somebody’s holiday.

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    If donating monetarily is not an option, we could sure use a few hours of your time. We couldn’t have Flakesgiving without volunteers. Friday is spent packaging the meals, which draws lots of students from area schools to volunteer. We still need volunteers for Saturday, come join us at MetraPark fairgrounds around 9:30, and we’ll get to work at 10.

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    Don’t Be Late

    If you’re going to volunteer, we would sure appreciate it if you could get there just a tad earlier then 10 am. There is a lot to do before the giving starts at Noon, and we’d like all of our volunteers to be on the same page when we get started.

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    We’ll be delivering 350-400 meals to families who are unable to get to the giveaway site. Volunteers who can drive to these homes to give away meals are greatly appreciated. Trust us, the feeling you’ll get handing a Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need is worth much more than a tank of gas.

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    Pray for Good Weather

    We’re not going to lie, it’s looking like a pretty nasty forecast on Friday and Saturday. Bundle up! We know our volunteers are tough enough to brave a little cold weather, but please be smart, drive safely, and stay warm.

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