Not that all of my weeks aren't great, but this one was above most of them.

They have been selling corn out of a trailer on South Billings Boulevard. And I saw somebody selling some in Huntley yesterday.

I was in Huntley yesterday because I was headed for the golf course. And yesterday was apparent "make a bunch of long putts" day. And those days don't happen very often.

Finally got a long-existing electrical issue fixed on my pickup, so I can speed again.

I'm still trying to avoid bread in my meals but the Hot Peppy cheeseburger at Tiny's Tavern is worth cheating on my diet. It comes with jalapeno cheese and jalapenos. It's so good, but I need a towel when I eat one of them. Good thing they keep the air conditioning pretty low.

And we also announced that we have signed an extension to keep working here on Cat Country for 2 more years.

Contract negotiations are one of the most interesting things that I've been a part of through the years. And both Paul and I are happy to be staying here. Our company is good about letting us do things our way. And not every radio company does.

This agreement also gets us to March 1 next year, which is the 35th anniversary of Cat Country. And that's something we are extremely proud of. Morning shows come and go, as do radio stations and their particular formats. But to be able to have been on the same spot on the dial for 35 years (and nearly 37 by the end of the contract) is something we are very proud of.

So a couple more Flakesgivings and a couple more Flakes trips and a few hundred articles to write.

Excited to have negotiations behind us. And focus on what we do on the air and in the community.

Thanks for listening.

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