It looks like Wendy's restaurants are going to try some new things out on consumers this year. One is a breakfast burrito that will have potatoes, bacon, and cheese sauce in it, which sounds pretty good and fills a hole in their breakfast selections. I'm wondering if they will offer the jalapeno cheese sauce like Fuddruckers does.

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Something else being looked at is called "dynamic pricing," which is essentially higher prices on food items during busier times of the day, you know, like at lunch!

Apparently, Uber will charge you more for a ride at busier times than when it's slow. And the way a plane ticket costs you significantly more if you don't book it several months out. And hotels do it too. So, who knows? Maybe it will work for them.

One of the reasons that I think it will is because of the number of people I'm behind at drive-thrus who don't have any idea how much they're paying for lunch. They just hand over their cards to pay without even seeing what the tab is.

I pay cash. But I'm just as guilty. When I go to Wendy's, I get a #1 combo with cheese, no mayo or tomato. Make both the fries and drink small. And I hand them a twenty. I get about nine bucks back. But I could tell you what the actual, exact cost was.

I DO know that if dynamic pricing goes into effect, they will see me a lot less.

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