Personal preferences.

Paul and  I were talking this morning. He doesn't like Steely Dan's music. He's the only person that I know that doesn't, but that's his choice. I wrote a post last year about how I don't care for Jason Aldean's music and this station plays a lot of his songs throughout the day. Now, I did play the heck out of his "Try That In A Small Town' when it came under fire last year.

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41st Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards All-Star Jam
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For guys on the radio, part of disliking an artist or even one specific song is in direct proportion to how many times you've had to play it. I could go the rest of my life without hearing "Fancy" by Reba. We played that song to death. On the other side of the spectrum, her song "The Last One To Know" is one of my favorites.

It goes for food, too.

It's the same way for me with mayonnaise. None for me thanks. I know people who would dip their burgers in that gross, white stuff. I've just never been a fan and everybody else just seems to love that stuff.

Credit: K8 on Unsplash
Credit: K8 on Unsplash

If it wasn't for Mexican food, there would be no need in my life for sour cream.

Keep in mind that I didn't even let my food items touch on my plate until I was in my 30s. It's funny how much less picky you get about your food when you're the one preparing it, not your mom.

Nowadays, put some brown gravy on just about anything, and I'll eat it.

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