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The answer is "not very much." I got to spend quite a bit of time with all of my family, which was nice, along with some sleeping in and staying away from television newscasts.

I got to play a couple of rounds of December golf, which is rare. I learned that frozen fairways add about 40 yards to my drives and about 20 strokes around the frozen greens.

Since my parents had divorced when I was about eleven, we would have to split time on the holidays with mom and dad. It was Christmas Eve at my dad's place. Then we would wake up and go to Mom's and open gifts there. A lot of those Christmas afternoons would be spent out in the country at my grandparent's place where Grandma would cook. They also had quite a bit of room for the family to sit in their kitchen.

Looking back now I can see where buying my sister and me Christmas presents became a sort of a competition between my folks. Which was fine with us, that's for sure.

Now, I'm at the stage of life where my joy comes from the little ones and seeing their reactions when they open their cards and gifts.

Kherington was thrilled to get money for ice skates. Christian was beside himself when he opened his Incredible Hulk. He's four years old and easy to impress.

I received enough gift cards to all of my favorite places to eat that I'll be lucky to get them all used up this year.

I know that we aren't supposed to have a favorite gift but I do. This year's winner comes from my daughter. Well played, young lady.

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