Just out of the blue the other day, I started singing some of the songs that I sang in grade school to my daughter, much to her horror.

And it makes me wonder if anybody else remembers those songs.

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"She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes". Blank look on my kid's face.

"There's A Hole In The Bucket" (Dear Liza, dear Liza.....no?)

"I've Been Working On The Railroad", "Kookaburra" and "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore."

We had one lady who taught music for all of the schools in Great Falls when I was young, Mrs. Narem. All of the boys hated music day when she got to class but by the end of it, we were all singing along.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

"I got a mule, his name is Sal. Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal"

My all-time favorite was Don Gato.

Senior Don Gato was a cat. On a high red roof, Don Gato sat. He was there to read a letter meow, meow, meow. Where the reading light was better, meow, meow, meow.

The look of sheer amazement on my daughter's face when I still remembered the entire song apparently wasn't a sign of being impressed.

For me, it was fun when my daughter was in grade school and doing some of the same songs. She requested that I not sing along at the school concerts, though.

Credit: Declan Sun on Unsplash
Credit: Declan Sun on Unsplash

God bless school music teachers. You are a special breed of human.

Now somebody say, "One more time!"

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