I got several texts over the weekend telling me that we had made the paper. What it turned out to be was a letter to the editor from a father of a lady who lost everything in a house fire and his frustration in not getting any TV coverage from the local stations. Kudos to the Billings Gazette for printing the letter, even though they were also criticized for not helping.

I understand a father's frustration. But I also understand what the local media is up against. It starts with staffing. All media, both print and broadcast, have dramatically reduced the number of folks on the payroll. All of those are motivated differently. So, what is an emergency in your world, might not be in theirs.

It's better with social media now. You can flat out ask for money or even start a "Go Fund Me" page and get some help that way.

Here's another big difference between us and all the other media outlets. You can get ahold of us at 248-5665 from 5-10 every weekday morning. We don't answer the phone when we are on the air talking. But that's the only time. So, tune us in. And if you need to talk to us, just wait for us to shut up. Then call. You'll get us. Try that with the anchors of your local television stations.

Even though I did talk about the situation, it was my partner, Paul, who donated all of that furniture. He met them in Bozeman over the weekend and helped them get everything loaded. Good job, farmer.

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