Do you like the day that your birthday falls on? Your birthday is your own, one of a kind holiday that's all about you. For twenty-four hours, we celebrate you.

Growing up, I always whined about my December birthday. Mine is nine days before Christmas. And my folks didn't have a lot of money. So some years, if my main gift was a little on the expensive side, I'd get "well, this is your birthday AND Christmas present."

Meanwhile, my sister had her birthday in July. So every party of hers was held outside. Every friend that she invited could come to the party. While a lot of my friends were either cutting down/putting up their trees. I eventually got over it.

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The hardest part of my birthday is trying to find a restaurant that's got room for about a dozen of us to get together for a steak. Unless we want to eat at 2 on a Sunday because all of the businesses have already booked their company party there many months earlier. It always seems to work out.

My grandfather on my dad's side was born on Christmas day. He likes that. He said that because of the date, people only have to "fuss over" him for one day.

Some Christmas babies you may have heard of and the age they'll be this year on Christmas Day include Sissy Spacek, who turns 71, Barbara Mandrell will be 72, and Jimmy Buffet will be 74, and still out there touring.

For my birthday this year, I just want a nap.

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