Valentine’s Day is coming!  Guys, did you get your date a ton of flowers?  Hired a string quartet to serenade the love of your life?  Built a life sized statue of your girlfriend out of milk chocolate?  NO?  Whatever will you do?  Let’s face it, the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day can make planning that perfect date seem impossible.  Don’t worry, we’ve got some quick, practical Valentine’s Day ideas so you can have a great time without blowing a ton of cash.

  • Go Bowling

    Why get all dressed up and spend a ton of cash at some stuffy restaurant? Take your date somewhere to actually have some fun! Grab a couple of pitchers, strap on some goofy shoes and enjoy a little friendly bowling competition. Can’t find a babysitter for the evening? Take the whole family out for your Valentine ’s Day festivities! Sunset Bowl has enough fun for everyone!

  • Hit the Movies

    Looking for some alone time? Shiloh 14 is a great place to bring a date! Valentine’s Day just happens to fall on a Tuesday, so you can enjoy Shiloh 14’s dollar popcorn and dollar pop special, saving yourself some serious cash. Scare yourself silly with “The Woman in Black”, enjoy a romantic comedy with “This Means War”, or embrace your inner nerd and watch “Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace” in 3D. You’ll find all the movie times for Valentine’s Day right here.

  • Partners' Poker Tournament at Big Dawg’s Poker Room

    Can you imagine a date that actually put money BACK IN your wallet? Bond with your partner over some poker at Big Dawg’s Poker Room Partners’ Poker Tournament. The fun begins on February 11, starting at 3 p.m. Partners take turn playing poker, busting people out, and trying to survive long enough to get in the cash. It’s $120 per couple, and I can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with the one I love.

  • Stay At Home

    Hey, sometimes you just can’t leave the house. Whether there wasn’t enough hours in the day, you couldn’t find a babysitter, whatever your excuse, there’s nothing wrong with planning a romantic night at home. Save Valentine’s Day for picking up a Papa Murphy’s Heartbaker pizza. Nothing says “I love you” like delicious pepperoni and cheese!