My new year starts with a melancholy farewell to a friend that we lost named Carl Hanson.

He passed on December 28th due to complications from cancer.

To me, he was a friend that came along later in my life. He was employed at D.A. Davidson and we met through a mutual friend, who incidentally also played racquetball.

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That led to a years-long friendship on the racquetball court. I was always the first to want to quit when the weather started getting warmer and the golf course was calling, but he would always guilt me into playing one more time. In a related story, I hit him with more racquetballs than anybody else in my history. Never on purpose, but that didn't make it any less funny when I hit him again during one of our many heated matches.

His passing made me sad because he was such a great guy. He was not somebody that I might have normally befriended. As I was going through my phone, I realized that I didn't have any pictures of us together. That's sad considering how many hundreds of times we got together to play.

Going forward.

So, my only resolution this year is to get more pictures of my friends on my phone.

I realize, now that I'm in my sixties, I will lose more people more often. So, not that I haven't already been socializing like crazy...but this year, I'm turning it up. My new phrase this year is going to be: Let's take a picture".

Farewell, Carl. You were sure one of the good guys.

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