Chris White from Albertsons makes getting groceries for Flakesgiving happen. He gets a lot of help from the following;

Briggs Distributing picks up all of those banana boxes that the meals go into. And they also haul the turkeys down to Metra

Franz Bakery not only donates 1500 packages of rolls to us each year, but also sends a team down to help us on the day we hand out boxes every year.

Supervalue Warehouse delivers the boxes to Metra on the day we assemble meals.

Clyde and the Montana Brand Trucking Company delivers all of the groceries.

The Albertsons store employees palletize and make sure that we get those banana boxes.

And from us, it's impossible to thank every single person individually, but we surely do.

Thank you and we look forward to doing it all over again next year!

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