It has been a tough and trying year for people in agriculture. Yesterday I finished seeding and on my way home I saw a car turn into my less than 24-hour seeded field and drive down my wheat to hunt.

My Gong went off. I grabbed my shotgun and pickup and luckily my son John went with me. I found the kid a mile back off the road and of course, he denied driving on the wheat so I made him follow me to his very track. He apologized, but not before I laid into him about respect, costs, and knowing the rules.

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I've never been so mad before at someone. I guess his disregard for someone else's work and investment really pissed me off. Certified wheat seed at $16 a bushel, fertilizer at $800 a ton, Roundup now at $31 a gallon, diesel fuel now getting close to $3 a gallon for off-road along with drought did it for me. Not to mention that this dumb ass drove his Subaru for one mile through my wheat stubble with a fire weather watch in place because of winds and dry conditions. He almost needed a proctologist.

After he left it took me a while to calm down, but I did. In fact that night I told my daughter that I kind of felt bad because I was really hard on that kid. John told me that he thinks that poor kid will never want to hunt again. I hope he does, but I hope he learned a lesson about respect.

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