How can people make a decision when you haven't? Last night at the school board meeting they heard public comments on the coming school year. Almost all of the parents there said the mask decision and medical decisions should be left up to them and their doctor not to school administrators. The fact is the decision has not been made yet and school starts next week. Ya NEXT WEEK .

How are people supposed to make plans with such short notice? It doesn't matter what side of the COVID issue you're on, they should have already had this in place ready to go. People could have already made other arrangements. Some will home school, some will do online classes, which are now available in a variety of formats. Some may change schools,  Daycare arrangements may have to be made, work schedules may have to be worked out between parents etc. Planning is going to be needed no matter the outcome.

It's appalling that so close to the start date, we're still planning. Make a choice now and let the people know. How much more info do you need?  Today, they just announced that booster shots will be needed for everyone regardless of age after eight months of being vaccinated. How about this, adopt a parent prerogative policy. If you feel your child is vulnerable, have them wear a mask. If you feel your child is safe, don't. Simple. Just get it done. The main purpose of school, which is educating your child, should now be the focus, and the medical safety of your child should be left to you and your doctor.

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