So why are they coming here? I had a chance to go to Bozeman over the weekend, and the growth they are experiencing is remarkable. The town is growing faster than it can accommodate, expanding so rapidly from people coming in from all over who can now work from home and want a great place to live and raise a family.

I keep thinking of the woman in the Tester ad complaining about people coming here to start a business or a new life, wanting to raise a family here and get away from those hellholes they were in.

If she hates that, why is she supporting one of the biggest Schumer supporters in D.C.? Why would she support these Democrats whose policies in these states have wreaked havoc on people so much that they are moving out of their own states in droves because of liberal policies, high taxes, rampant crime, the influx of illegals, the war on law enforcement, new environmental regulations, and the basic war on all of your freedoms? Why would she support someone like that who is a main contributor to the mass migration to places like Montana and Idaho if she wants no one new coming here?

She must be a paid hack who can pull the farming and ranching card and think the rest of us in the business are all stupid. The fact is, if you want to preserve your freedoms to hunt and fish, raise a family, go to the school of your choice, drive the car you want, enjoy our parks, keep more of your money, secure our borders, etc., people like this woman and Tester will not help you achieve that. Vote smart.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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