Many of us like living in Montana because it's the most wild and free state in the lower 48. We are fortunate to have a huge variety of wildlife you can see on nature hikes, hunting in the back country... and walking to work in the middle of town. For instance take this little guy (or gal), I saw this bunny duck under a car as I was walking into the Crowne Plaza for my show this afternoon. I actually had to scare it a bit to coax it out from under the car.

A few months ago I saw a family of wild turkeys walking across 27th street on the way home from the airport and last winter a couple of deer were non-chalantly moseying down Montana Avenue. I have to believe these animals have become used to humans which means someone has been feeding them. Moral of the story: please don't feed wild animals. Yes, rabbits, turkeys and deer are cute but you won't think it's so cute when a grizzly bear is sitting on your front porch reading the Wall Street Journal... unless he has some good commodities advice.