Even with today's weather, it's still not going to stop people from getting out this weekend. AAA said that this will be the busiest start to the summer travel season in 20 years. Three million people will pass through airports for the weekend, and over 43 million will be traveling over 50 miles by car. In Montana, everyone who travels will travel over 50 miles.

I have a pretty basic rule of thumb: unless it's an emergency, you're better off driving if it's about 8-9 hours or less. The time really works out to be about the same.

One reason is that for most places you go, you have to get a connecting flight to Denver, Salt Lake, etc. You have to get to the airport about 2 hours before your flight. Then add the 1-hour flight and another half-hour to get off the plane. You should always schedule in at least an hour layover; otherwise, there's a good chance you'll miss your connector. Then you board for your next 1-2 hour flight, depending on where you're going, land, and debark. Do you need a rental car then? That's another half-hour before you then drive the rest of the way. By that time, you have an 8 or 9-hour day in, and you could have been there for less money in the same amount of time. That's where it's about equal.

Anything over about 10 hours of driving, it's probably faster flying. Unless... flight delays, mechanical problems, or weather in another city screw up your connection, then it's better to drive. When driving, the seats are better too, with more room. Just saying.

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