Does coffee get to you? I have to tell you, my body is really sensitive to things like caffeine or antihistamines and things of that nature. If I drink some iced tea or other caffeine product after 6 PM, I can't fall asleep.

Last Saturday when I got up in the morning to make coffee, I used some homegrown Mexican coffee that Antonio from the resort in Akumal gave me. His family has a little coffee farm there, and they package it and wanted me to try some. Holy moly, that had some real horsepower to it. It was great and flavorful, but I could tell I made it stronger than I should have. If I can't see through the pot, I know I overdid it.

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Do they have caffeine content levels in coffee like they do alcohol levels in wine and such? I picked up one of my favorites the other day when I was at Costco; it's the Dunkin' brand medium roast original flavor. Seems to be my favorite. Even the coffee you get at coffee shops around town seems to be stronger than the stuff you make at home. Maybe the Mexican coffee I made was stronger because I had to grind the beans first, but I really got done feeding cows earlier that day. I don't eat breakfast out either, but the other month when the power was out and we had breakfast at Stella's, they had some really good coffee. A little more money than I thought but still good...

See you tomorrow for coffee at 5.

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