Most people who camp that I know would rather camp for a living than work. Not me. I'll ride 4-wheelers with you all day. Same with fishing and making S'mores around the campfire.

But at the end of the last event of the day, I need a shower and some air conditioning. Which is one of the reasons that RV ownership is starting to look pretty good.

Jimmy Kimmel, Molly McNearney And St. Joseph Center Decorate RV Transitional Housing Units At Winter Wonderland Event
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My family took us camping quite a bit when we were growing up because it's one of the few activities we could afford.

My first dislike: As the oldest male child, I was in charge of scrounging up the firewood and getting the tent for us kids set up. We usually camped in very popular spots so firewood was hard to find. Years later we finally started bringing our own wood.

And I learned a lot from camping. I learned that if you get enough bug spray on your body, it can make you quite sick.

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I learned that it could rain hard enough to flatten a tent put up by a twelve-year-old. Followed shortly thereafter I learned how quickly everybody in that tent gets wet.

And one year we learned that just you feel something run across your feet and nobody could figure out what it was, mom decides that the family is done comping on the ground and we did have enough money to rent a little cabin on the next trip.

Great memories but no more sleeping on the ground for me.

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