Farmer finishers this week is kind of a wrap of our listeners' responses.

We had a conversation earlier this week about big shows at Metra like Mate and others where thousands of potential customers view your product and service. About 99.9 percent of people said if you're not willing to look up from your phone and engage if I show interest, then I'll walk right by your booth. It's a shame.

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We have another big one coming up next weekend with the Home Improvement show, so let's see if there is some improvement with customer contact.

Speaking of the Home Improvement show, I gave some advice to Stacy Zinn this week when she was talking about her run for Congress. I told her to start attending big shows like this and shaking hands. She can use the costs of everything that you see displayed at the show to emphasize how Biden inflation is impacting the cost of everything. I know it was evident at the Mate show.

Yesterday, news came out about how Americans are now spending almost 12 percent of their income on food alone. Don't blame the Farmer, we can't set the prices we get. We are commodity captive and we are feeling the pinch as well. There are a lot of people now getting into the mix so take some time and do your research. We'll try to keep bringing them in to at least give you a little taste.

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

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