What does Paul stand for?

So, yesterday I wrote an article on the nets they want to put up at Dehler Park. I was against the taxpayer having to foot the bill for that. A guy named Jim asked if there was anything "this guy" was ever for? He said that's why he stopped listening years ago.

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Well, Jim, fortunately, you are still reading my posts.

So, Jim here is a list of things I am for: lower taxes and less government spending. I'm for protecting the American citizen's liberties and freedoms that we're losing every day. I'm for energy independence with the use of fossil fuels. I'm for having security personnel at all of our schools to protect our kids. I am for the impeachment of Joe Biden and the arrest of the rest of his corrupt family. I'm for shower heads that will put out more than 1.5 gpm's. I would like to be able to choose my own car and lightbulbs. I'm for closing the border down. I'm for letting people decide if they need a sixth co-vid shot or not. I'm for a standard license plate fee instead of a wealth tax. I'm for an absolutely powerful and advanced military and better pay for them. I'm for the academic requirements necessary to receive your High School diploma. I'm for parental notification if some wack counselor decides your child should have a sex change. I'm for women's rights when it comes to playing women's sports. I'm pro-agriculture and don't want my food grown in a lab or imported.


Jimmy, my list can go on and on with all the things I am for so maybe you should start listening again. I'm for that...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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