We are all a bunch of babies.

Can you imagine what it was like before air-conditioning? I know we didn't have it as kids and we lived in a hot humid area. Sometimes it would get so hot you couldn't imagine. Nowadays they tell people to stay indoors and not venture out if it's 100 degrees.

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Are you kidding me, when did we get so soft? Willis Carrier is credited with developing the first electrical air conditioning unit and using it to cool his printing plant. Carrier is now an $18 billion company with 53,000 employees. But it really wasn't until 1945 that the window ac units started to make their way into the homes of Americans.

Modern Luxuries

Now virtually every new home that is built has ac. Unless you live in places like Seattle where many homes there don't have ac. The invention of ac and refrigeration changed America, making some areas of the country that were otherwise not livable, livable.

It also changed the ability to store food for long periods of time without an ice box. I think I get some of my craftiness from my grandfather who ran a wire from his ice box drain to the drain in the basement floor. The water drops from the icebox would follow the wire and he never had to empty a pan again.

People in those days really knew how to survive and never looked for excuses. Oh, it's just too hot... My family didn't have ac until 2000. We survived, you learn all the tricks if you're forced to.

Ya, it's far better now and I'd finance ac if I had to but we are all just fine and survived...

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