One of the reasons people get so upset and confrontational at school board meetings is because there is no response. Last night at the School District 2 meeting, people showed up to voice their displeasure with some of the books that are offered in the library.

Many parents are concerned about the sexual nature and direction these books tend to follow. They have every right to be concerned. It feels as though when you are at one of these sessions, their concerns are falling on deaf ears because no response is allowed.

I have seen this many times, and it's frustrating that there can be no discussion. I don't know if this is up to local boards to make the rules of engagement at their meetings or if this is done at a state level.

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Years ago, open discussions were always part of the school board meetings, but not anymore. You hear this all the time: if you don't like something, then go to your school board, great but no discussion. How can an issue be resolved without community discussion? Can you imagine at your office or at the doctor's office if there was no back-and-forth conversation?

If this protocol was decided at a state level, then it needs to be changed there. If it's a safety issue, then your refusal to have the interaction is only adding to the angst. After all, as a taxpayer, you should have the right to know and have input. This current way of conducting meetings limits that.

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