This week's Farmer Finishers may not surprise anyone.

Try That In A Small Town

The most requested song of the week was Jason Aldean's, which it must be good if liberals hate it. You listen to some of these rap songs talking about busting up cops and tell me what is worse.

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Yellowstone County Day

Everyone seems to love my idea of Yellowstone County Day at the Fair. Everyone gets in free, with no gate admission. We think it's ridiculous you have to pay $12 just to get in and then spend money. We found out this week that The Rosebud Fair, Lewistown, Missoula, and others don't have gate admissions to get in. I'm just saying.

Bye Bye Painting

Then also this week the despicable move the Billings Chamber made selling the painting donated to them by Charles Bair. The Family has been trying to get it back since the 60s because the artist was a real friend of the Family. They had even offered at one time to buy it back but to no avail. Fortunately this week at auction the Bair Museum was able to have their rep buy it back at the auction. The painting is finally back with the Family but to no thanks to the Billings Chamber. They had to pay $350,000 to get their own painting back. After all that they have done for the city of Billings with the theater and the Hospitals and treated like this? Shameful.

Tons to do this weekend, here again, The Mexican fiesta is Saturday on the south side along with Balloon Fest. And Farmers market downtown so eat up.

Stay safe and be back here Monday at 5.

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