Finally, we all can exhale this weekend.

This week in Farmer Finishers I think I can speak for everyone that we are all so happy we get a break in the weather. It's been brutal for all of us so some great weather coming over the next two weeks will allow us all to re-group.

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If you're looking for something to listen to this weekend while you are on the treadmill, listen to today's podcast. I would be interested in your comments. We talked today about our app that lets people listen all around the world. We were floored when we discovered we had 60,000 listeners on the app. People from all over who want to stay in touch with home and others who just stumbled upon it. Amazing. That's one good thing about today's technology.

Also, next week we have a huge announcement to make to all of you on Wednesday. We will do it during our e-mail segment about 7:30 - 8:00.  You folks have been so loyal and generous to us over the years we felt you should know. That's Wednesday.

I have to be honest that today I'm feeling like a little kid again. The weather took up all of my spare time but now I'm really getting excited for the Flakes trip. I know 140 other people who are feeling the same way. You really do owe it to yourself to do this someday. It's the best with great people just like you.

Enjoy the 40's and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

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