Today is Cow Appreciation Day. It may not mean much to others around the country but for all of us in Montana, we all know how important it is.

As a rancher myself I understand the importance of the cattle industry to our economy and its contribution to our health. With more cows than people in our state, until last year, there isn't a place you can go without seeing a herd of cows. If you're new to the state let me educate you a little bit on cow life:

  • A cow's gestation period is about the same as a woman's.
  • A cow that has never had a calf before is a heifer.
  • After their first calf, they are then a cow.
Credit: Paul Mushaben
Credit: Paul Mushaben
  • A calf that is born female is a heifer calf.
  • A calf that is born a male is a bull.
  • After the bull is castrated (for those of you north of town that's de-nutted) it is then a steer which is finished out with feed and becomes meat that you find in your grocery store.
  • It's the best there is.
  • It's not put together in a factory or a test tube, it's like ice cream, homemade is the best.
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Mushaben Ranch
Credit: Paul Mushaben,
Mushaben Ranch

Now there is plant-based meat and I always try to educate people that it's exactly what regular beef meat is... plant-based. Everything that goes into a cow is plant-based. Hay, grain, grass etc. all plant-based. So sink your teeth into a good quality piece of Montana beef and do your testbeds and your own state's economy a favor.

You won't regret it...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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