Karen Gallagher, who used to be the 10a-3p air personality on Cat Country 102.9 and followed The Breakfast Flakes Paul Mushaben and Mark Wilson for several years when Cat Country was new is seen here as giving the boys a bit of what for.

In one of the funniest shots of the evening at Bones Brewing (1425 Broadwater Avenue in Billings) Karen looke right at Paul and said what they didn't know was that the roast was a fund raiser for the new $18 Million Billings Public Library (Paul has publicly derided local politicians for months and expressing his opinion that the library is a waste of taxpayers money. Then she cut Mark down to size with several comments about Mr. Wilson's long and storied dating career in the magic city. I half expected her to have anyone in the crowd of about 300 who dated him in the past to raise their hands. Now that would have been entertaining!

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