Big thanks.

Today we start with a shout-out to the line hands from Yellowstone Valley Electric Coop and Northwestern Energy. Those guys were out fighting the elements so that the rest of us could stay inside. Very much appreciated.

My next words of heartfelt appreciation go out to whoever invented the digital video recorders. Between having the flu last weekend and being shut in this entire weekend, I was able to get caught up on a bunch of things that I had recorded over the last few months.

So if you missed a single episode of Yellowstone or Law & Order SVU, give me a call and I can answer all questions pertaining to plot twists and character development.

I like having an entire season of a show recorded. You can binge-watch the whole season before lunch on a Saturday.

The weekend.

My entire Saturday consisted of putting a chuck roast in a crock pot with some carrots and little golden potatoes. Five minutes of prep gives me about a week's worth of meals. When you cook for one, make sure you cook something that you really like. A lot. Because you'll be having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it's gone.

Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM
Credit: Mark Wilson, TSM

I don't do Doordash for a couple of reasons. One, I don't exactly know how. Two, I'm just old enough to know that I don't want to spend any more on food than I have to.

Thanks to the TV commercials I am aware that I am missing out on a free large fries and a free foot-long sub at Subway because I don't use their apps.

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