It was a busy week, but a good one.

  • I cannot seem to say "metal detector" without saying "radar detector." I have relied on one of those far more than the other.
  • Speaking of which, we delivered a radar, er, metal detector to Melstone. It was good to see Tamaira Wacker, who has been the All American Mom in that town for many years.
  • Paul learned that Kentucky's coach is Calipari, not capillary.
  • We had a chance to be on the air with Aaron Flint and talk about my dad on the radio and metal detectors.
  • Baby turkeys can stampede.
  • Little Texas will be at the Shrine next Friday. And you can still win tickets from us next week.
  • I'm back doing the crossword out of the paper. I still have no idea what "vacillate" means. But, Uma Thurman's first name comes up a lot.
  • Mouthwash for a tiny scientist is called "microscope."
  • And a bad neighborhood in Italy is called a "spaghetto."

Have a great weekend. See you at the golf course.

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