Well, here we are again. Friday already with a riveting assessment of things that I did and saw during my travels this week.

  • Miranda Lambert recently got some chickens with great names. She has Martina McFried, Betty White Meat, Tanya Clucker, and Hennifer Lopez.
  • Which reminds me of my six pine trees that have names. I have Spruce Springsteen and his Tree Street Band. I think Miranda is my kind of person.
  • We celebrated my buddy, Chris White's 51st birthday by attempting to play 51 holes of golf. Four players played that many. I only got 36 holes in. We had a fairly rare occurrence with our group: 6 golfers all hit big drives the stayed in the fairway. My total hole played in the last week is 108 of them.
  • You can win a virtual happy hour with George Strait at omaze.com.
  • We found out that Homesteader Days is going to happen in July.
  • I may be the foremost expert on earth about Glen Campbells "Gentle On My Mind."
  • Speaking of songs, this week we were reminded that both "Ode To Billy Joe" and "Desiree" happened on June 3. But on Sunday it'll be "The dark of the moon on the sixth of June."
  • We lost our Taco Treat in the Heights this week along with the loss of the Heights Fuddruckers last year. I'm running out of restaurants that are in my regular rotation.

And it was a pretty big week for a couple of fellas who don't like us. One guy is a regular "hater" and had commented on our posts frequently and hasn't agreed with anything we've ever written even once. The other guy was from Denver and wanted to let us know that we aren't a good enough morning show to "Scrub the toilets of the Denver morning shows." Eww.

Some thoughts. I have never and will never apply for work in Denver. Also, my bathroom is quite clean because I CAN clean toilets. And dislike bordering on hatred, while America is in the middle of an event that is trying to get people to quit hating, seems ironic. A paradox, if you will.

Now, I have some people and things that I don't like. But I have never found it worth my time to seek out somebody's website or mailing address to let them know how much I dislike them. My take away from the haters is that I find it hilarious that we could say things that anger you so badly that you would take the time to write to us. I sure would love a chance for us to get together so you could give us a few more tips on how we could get better at our job. You know. Face to face.

All I can say is that we'll be back Monday morning at 5 a.m. Still sucking. In our FOURTH decade as Billings' most listened to morning show.

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