Well, it was another great week to be Mark.

First off, thanks to Off Main Deli who delivered a couple of club sandwiches to us on Thursday. Much appreciated and quite delicious.

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It was amazing and wonderful to hear from listeners all over the country who listen to us on the app. Some grew up here listening. And some just found us on the internet. Crazy.

Red Robin is helping out Eagle Mount on Monday. Twenty percent of food sales from the entire day will be donated to Eagle Mount. They did a day for Flakesgiving last year. Much appreciated.

It's apparently going to be about 50 degrees warmer at my place tomorrow than it was last Saturday.

It was nice to run into Kymm Stark for lunch at the Blue Cat on "Wilson Wednesday." I'm still working on Paul to get a "Farmer Friday" going.

If you spent any time watching MTV in the 1980s, then I think you're really going to enjoy Bryan Adams at Metra Saturday night. Dave Stewart of the Eurhythmics is opening. That's a lot of hits in one show.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band announced their farewell tour this year. "All The Good Times" tour kicks off in March and runs through September. I don't see any shows close to Billings. My feelings are still hurt that Jeff Hannah wouldn't talk to me when he was at our resort in Mexico two years ago. C'mon man! I know all the words to "Fishing In The Dark."

Wednesday at 7:20 Paul and I have an announcement to make. Speculate amongst yourselves.

Have a great weekend.

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