So, apparently, Miranda Lambert and her hubby were in Billings on vacation and didn't stop by our radio station. Too bad. I had a couple of requests I would've liked to have heard.

I'll bet hot air ballooning is an expensive hobby, but everyone seems to take the time to watch them float across the sky.

Hot air balloons in Billings MT
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

How many car washes can Billings support? And even though I enjoy the touchless automatic car washes, I like the fact that I can do it myself for $2.50.

Car washes in Billings MT
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

I had a listener accuse me of being a "closet liberal" because I play Sheryl Crowe songs.

Beartooth Pass reopens today. That's very good news for the businesses in Red Lodge.

Goodbye Billings Pickle Barrel location. Your cheese steak with mushrooms and green peppers will always be a happy memory for me. However, Google tells me that there are still 17 other places in Billings where you can get a sub sandwich.

If you put your old couches out in front of your house with a "free" sign on them, is that generous or lazy? Or both?

Free couch
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

Alberta Bair Theatre announced several shows this week. Lyle Lovett with John Hiatt. Kathy Mattea with Suzy Bogus. And Clint Black with his wife, Lisa Hartman Back.

And we are breaking out the Flakesgiving checkbook again. We are sponsoring a "sniff" at Laurel High School. K 316 detecting will take a dog trained in sniffing out drugs to the school and search for drugs. If you would like them to come to your child's school or your business, give them a call at 406-371-6987.

Mira K9 sniffing dog Billings MT
Credit: Trent Flager, Townsquare Media

I hope you have a great weekend.

Now, I have to go vote for "Witness" again for the NBA2K all-star game.

The Breakfast Flakes in Red Lodge, MT LIVE

Mark and Paul from The Breakfast Flakes morning show headed to Red Lodge, Montana July 1, 2022 for a live production following flooding damage to the area. They encouraged listeners to visit Red Lodge this summer.

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