I'm busy making the final preparations for the Flakes Trip and I'm making sure I have enough ones for tipping. Every year I take all of my change that I have collected to the bank and use that for tip money. I have an old planter and I usually get pretty close to filling it. I'm guessing this year there's probably between 130 - 140 bucks, which is not bad for change.

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Are you folks like me and have a bunch of old currency around and there is really no reason to save it? Jars and jars of pennies that are really doing nothing for you but gathering dust. I don't know how many fifty-cent pieces I have, it's not like they are gaining any value but save them and put them in a container. I'm sure many of you have two-dollar bills that you have been saving. Waste of time, they printed millions and millions of them.

I remember my dad had saved a bunch of foreign coins that he had collected over time. Except for the ones that were pure silver, the others had absolutely no value. In fact, the guy at the coin shop said that we could put them in the huge washtub with all the others he had. People used to go there and get a handful for a dollar and use them for ball markers. If you come back from Mexico and you have some pesos remaining, don't save them. Put them in the golf bag and they'll make a good conversation piece. That's about it.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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