Paul and I have been having Game Day on Thursdays since the 80s. When we started, the only way you could participate was by calling in. I'd record those calls on big reel-to-reel tapes, giving me the opportunity to splice out things not suitable for the air. We learned long ago that putting people on the air live can sometimes get you into trouble. By recording calls, you can also get more people qualified for what you're giving away.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

Today, you can call, message me on Messenger, use the Cat Country app, or just text me if you've got my number.

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We try to stay mindful of the app listeners. What they are hearing is delayed by about 3 minutes. That's why we don't do many "we'll take caller 10s" anymore.

So today, we played Initial Response. We give you 2 letters, and you give us something famous with your given letters.

Today was T.T. And we got some doozies. Like Tennessee Tuxedo (an old cartoon character). Tina Turner, Tanya Tucker, and Travis Tritt were very popular answers. But once we've had an answer, we don't accept it again. It's funny because that makes people get creative. For instance, "Tee Time". But a listener pointed out that there is also a "Tea Time". Aha. Got me there.

Then we had a couple of people give us "Tik Tok". Paul & I are old, so we didn't know if that was one word or two. Siri tells us that it's two.

Thanks for playing along today. Our Game Day is old school.

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