The Breakfast Flakes have declared October 'Music for Mexico Month,' and Cat Country 102.9 is getting your vacation playlist ready with a chance to qualify for the Flakes Trip.

Mark and Paul will be out again soon for another Flakes Trip stop-by, but we're also giving you a way to get qualified for America's last best radio giveaway while you work.

Listen weekdays at 9:45am when the Breakfast Flakes announce their song of the day with Mexican flair. Anytime you hear it play on Cat Country 102.9 later in the day, the first 5 callers will be in for the Flakes Trip Giveaway Party, scheduled for Saturday, November 7. That's the night when somebody will win an all-expense paid trip for two to Mexico.

If you want to fly out of Billings with The Breakfast Flakes in January 2021, with the destination being a week of sun, fun, and relaxation in Mexico, make sure you know what the 'song of the day' is.

Get the Cat Country 102.9 APP, because we'll be sending out app alerts to give you a heads-up when the 'song of the day' is about to play.

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