• I didn't follow all of the rules this week. I had a beer AT a bar. I also rode with another person in a golf cart. But I didn't get ticketed.
  • We decided no to get arrested on "Go to Hell Friday." But we did do the research by checking our contracts to see what the ramifications would be.
  • I turned a lot of great drives into quadruple bogeys this week.
  • I shake my head over our current mask controversy. And both the pro-mask folks and the anti-mask folks are sure that they're right.
  • My heart goes out to everybody who won't be allowed to attend their kid's or grandkid's graduations. It's really not fair. But we made a Digital Yearbook and we hope you'll share their graduation info with us so that we can celebrate their accomplishments.
  • I have some advice for up and coming country radio personalities. When in doubt, play George Strait. Trust me on this one.
  • Topped my pickup out at 112 mph this week. I just had to know.
  • With Sheryl Crow and Kenny Chesney either canceling or rescheduling, my summer looks a little more open.
  • I bought myself a "Rhumba" vacuum recently. And I've named it "I-KA-RHUMBA!"
  • I've gone out for lunch and dinner as much as possible since we've been allowed to do so. And I've talked to a lot of people who don't mind the government control.
  • In all of the road construction currently underway in our area, I may have murdered a couple of those orange "candles."

We announced our Flakes trip this week. It sold out in two hours. But fear not! Travel Café is working on getting more rooms. And don't forget that we will give another trip for two away in November. And we're adding more opportunities for you to get qualified this year. Good luck.

Thanks for listening. See you Monday morning at 5!

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